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Media piracy is long being practiced in the industry. One will not buy a whole CD if one wants only one song. In this age of consumer dominated economy and advanced technology, media piracy and file sharing are all very easy and within reach, specially in these times of recession most people do not have a choice, but to turn to counterfeit material, which is much cheaper and bear so much similarity to the original copyright material. Although people are well aware of punitive actions, they do not seem to have a choice. Fines that are levied on using material which is not genuine are too high and harsh, because everybody is indulged and also it is difficult to pay the price of genuine items.

Piracy has always been a threat to the media industry and it will remain so, because people do not tend to pay very high prices for material they can get much cheaper or even for free. It seems that the industry will never be able to compete with this, particularly in view of highly advanced technology and severe recession.

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