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Newspapers, television, radio, internet etc were actually developed to impart quality information free of prejudice and biasness and television news were intended to provide information on current issues. However in today’s society it helps the viewers to see issues from different perspectives. There is a biased attitude on every news station because the concept of neutrality on a specific issue can’t always exist. In order to sell their channel or news paper and to get more money and fame each news channel develops a specific point of view and then they actually try to persuade the viewers to agree with their approach (Bagdikian, 2004).

The media is significantly powerful in influencing how society should think, as well as swaying the public with regards to particular issues of public and even private concern.  It has been observed that issues that are largely visible and associated with majority of the society often take the center of attention of the media and information is then made public through television, newspapers and magazines .The media sources are mostly accused of using a sarcastic and fanatically chosen vocabulary in their own tone. These words actually change the entire message and events of which the story was based on. Just by using more fancy words media sources can easily create more controversy in the situation (Goldberg, 2003).

However, media has also portrayed its positive role and in certain cases media sources have actually helped the ethnic groups and their associated cultures and beliefs. For example people were alienated because they were suffering from HIV Aids. Media changed this belief and helped the suffers by running public service messages on their channels and through their mediums that the patients of HIV can mingle with the people and this disease doesn’t spread through one another. But that’s not the case in all situations and in most of the instances extra hype and propaganda is created by the media.

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