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“Exposure to images of attractive thin female models can increase depression, guilt, shame, stress, and anger and body dissatisfaction in women at risk for developing eating disorders.” (Media Images of Women: Size Counts, 2005, p. 5) Tests were conducted among college women in the same manner of the Tanzanian women case study. They were separated into groups according to weight, size and height and were asked to review pictures of models and asked to rate them on their attractiveness. They study was designed and targeted towards other research developers because of its format and presentation style. Like the first article it was a straightforward presentation of study findings. This is completely in line with the audience of the research report because the target audience is any institution the world that aids women in overcoming and accepting their eating disorders so finding studies that are aimed at these institutes are necessary to translate them over to the women who really need and the media that is causing it.

The study results were astonishing and provided insight into how this problem could be eradicated along with some ironic facts:

The authors noted that popular media could actually provide a positive health learning experience by showing attractive but not overly thin images of women. If seeing just a few images of normal-weight women had such an effect upon women at risk of eating disorders, imagine what repeated exposure to normal-sized images in the media could produce. Ironically, when Glamour, which is one of the largest-circulation women’s magazines, tried to use more averagesized models, fewer women bought the magazine. (Media Images of Women: Size Counts, 2005, p. 5)

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