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Media fragmentation has changed the way media used to be planned by the media planners. Few years ago it was easy to compete with the competitors. Advertising of a product was much easier before as there were limited mediums for the purpose of broadcasting the advertisements. Nowadays media planning is more complicated as there are more medium for the visibility of product. The more the mediums, the tougher the competition becomes. The field of advertising agency is growing more and more that is introducing newer concepts in advertising. Media planning has become an important constituent for the marketing of product. The product is more likely to suffer in the market without the strategic media planning nowadays (Gizmag Team ).

Media planners have more responsibilities now. Media planners must know the tactics to increase the visibility of the products when the visibility of the competitor product is 100%. Media planners now need to research before taking decisions that could be better for the media planning. Media planners must have the mandatory knowledge regarding other fields of works as well such as finance and marketing in order to plan media. The availability of much information on internet worldwide and homogenous type of audience has made media planning a challenging task for media planners (Surmanek).

It is becoming complicated for the media planners to bring up bigger changes in the media planning without research regarding the creative methods of contemporary advertising, computer literacy, media awareness and marketing understanding. Due to the introduction of technology and its advancement the responsibilities of the media planners has almost multiplied.

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