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Google has also supported network neutrality along with Apple & co., Microsoft, Network Neutrality Squad, Consumer’s Union, etc. Google has started developing tools that detect net throttling or net neutrality which ensures a fair-play of internet service providers companies. This gives user community to have the ability to know the endeavors by their ISP (Parrack, 2008).

Some of the ISPs like Copowi have taken steps to get rid of net neutrality in a way by offering pure services with guarantee of net neutrality. Although this offer is for them who do not have much issues over charges but who measure a service with a single factor that is quality. As the number of subscription to such internet service providers would begin, the price for obtaining a net neutral service would cut down gradually. This would also break the monopoly of two or three major ISPs which are leading the scenario i.e. Rogers, Telus, and Bull. However, Copowi is going to pay higher amounts for unregulated bandwidth access to Telus. The guarantee is firm enough because network neutrality is supposed to be the company’s basic motto and they have to fulfill that in order to gain credibility. The indemnities that an ISP would not violate regulations, infringe the public rights, no interference in user’s operation; no disturbance to users of network or of other networks can allow an ISP to take action against splintering of any of the above clauses or of Acceptable Use Policy (Anderson N. , 2007).

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