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McDonald’s is considered as the world’s largest chain of fast food chain and the organization is considered as a multinational and it serves more than 47 million customers daily. The structure of the organization is quite huge and that is the reason why the organization focuses a lot on marketing and promotional activities (Facella and Genn). The organization focuses a lot on branding and consumer behaviour and it frames its marketing and brand management strategy on the basis of its customers. The entire process at McDonalds stresses on the ascendency of customers and their strategy value the customers. The different marketing concepts of McDonald’s are analyzed below:

  1. Market Segmentation
  2. Personality and consumer behaviour
  3. Consumer learning
  4. Communication and consumer behaviour
  5. The influence of culture and consumer behaviour.

Market Segmentation

Usually there is very little segmentation as far as McDonalds is concerned as the organization focuses on the mass marketing strategy. However, strategists suggest that McDonald’s target households in general. In the initial phases the organization focuses on little segmentation and they focused on the middle and the upper income classes. However, when the organization entered the international arena then they focused on mass marketing and in most of the countries the organization targets the middle and the upper middle class (Love). Therefore, it is quite obvious that the organization is so huge that their segmentation strategy varies with country to country and culture to culture. The current scenario is that as the time is changing the strategy of McDonalds is changing and they are exploring new segments.

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