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The analysis provides us with the opportunity to understand that Martin Luther was not afraid of anyone and he only wanted to fight for the cause of safety of humanity. He wrote in his letter regarding his fearlessness and showed his disappointment as well. Martin Luther was greatly dissatisfied with what happened to Negros. According to Martin Luther it was white majority who have been brutal to them and had locked the Negros in boundaries snatching their freedom away. Martin Luther had further shown his disappointment by tone full of regret and narrating that white men did not support those who needed them and those who have been living in the same region helping everyone and being beneficial for the society.

Martin Luther had clearly disagreed with those white men because their agenda was to stay and put everything in order but following the path of order they conducted evil and negative actions to control Negros. Martin Luther had greatly stressed that in order to achieve anything in life one has to make sure that the problems discrimination are solved without any hypocrisy. In fact Martin Luther had encouraged and motivated the readers of his letter to come forward and help those who have been victims of injustice. He acknowledges men from the past for what they have tried to teach everyone in the world. He is also an evident learner and observer of the past as he fights for the freedom is for us to sustain and help humanity.

Through the observation of Martin King’s letter, we can conclude and understand the phenomenon of living lives with a hope and mission to help people who are in distress. In particular the letter tells all about the racial discrimination of African Americans. The examples from the bible and stories of wisdom from history explain that nothing can become devastating if people hold the light to brighten their lives. Such a sorrowful incident of racial discrimination is heavier on emotions and development of innocent people. Through the context of the letter, Martin Luther had greatly emphasized on his mission and made it understandable for the people who criticized his mission and perspective.

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