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Martial arts therapy is used as the treatment for many of the psychological disorders that exist today. This approach to therapy uses different techniques of movements and exercises modified from martial arts (Kayne, 2002). It refers to the usage of the martial arts as the alternative in treatment of mental illness in comparison with the treatment of drugs which causes severe side effects in humans.

Martial arts therapy reduces blood pressure and improves blood regulation which helps in the better functioning of biological processes. Martial arts are suitable for those people who have problems with depression and are especially useful in treating children at risk (Frantzis, 1998).

This therapy can help children at risk as it includes treatments for the mind and body. Though there are numbers of therapies which are being used in the modern times for the treatment of numerous mental illnesses, martial arts therapy is far more effective than other therapies. It has been proven to developing self-esteem and confidence in the children mentioned above.

This therapy can also help them develop the skills of self-defense which can allow them to defend themselves against the physical and mental bullying. Moreover martial arts therapy keeps children physically fit and confident (Kayne, 2002) Martial arts differ from other physical activities in their effect on children at risk as there is a systematic influence of meditation, rhythmic breathing and constant reinforcement. It helps them by its adherence to etiquette (Morand, 2004).  Clear findings have shown that children who are engaged in martial arts improve in these respects.

Martial arts therapy is widely in use because it has beneficial outcomes. A number of people have used martial arts therapy for the treatment of psychological problems. A number of studies support the hypothesis that the benefits from martial arts therapy are different from other activities. The method, in which the research was conducted, was to assess the students involved for a year. One class was given the martial arts therapy, while the other class was not put through the training. After the year ended and they finished the semester, the martial arts students displayed considerable changes in term of self-control, while the second group did not show changes as compared to the student who were given martial arts training (Binder, 1999).

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