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We have discussed in detail about the children who are labeled at risk. It has clearly been described above the major factors that lead a child to develop mental disorders. In this chapter we have studied the different behaviors, the poor academic progress of the children at risk in contrast with the medical orders and severe mental disorders that they suffer in their daily routine. We have also discussed that the Attention Deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (AD/HD), it’s symptoms and impact over children at risk.

We have also studied the behaviors of the children who are diagnosed with the attention Deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (AD/HD) and how the children suffering from attention Deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (AD/HD) can be saved with the help of martial arts.

The children who are affected by depression or dilemma face troubles in academic progress and their health are affected badly which can be evident from their behavior. If these children are not diagnosed with the mental disorders they suffer from and not treated early, this will make the situation worse. In order to diagnose these mental disorders, teachers and parents need to observe the children behavior and they should try to counsel them. In this research report we have studied the behavior of these children and we have presented the remedy for these children which is the effective use of martial arts or martial arts therapy as a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system.

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