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Martial arts according to many researchers are the tools to fix the mental problems in children at risk though effective use of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system. Positive behavior support ((PBS) system is necessary in every school to located and assess children and help them get out of the dangers and risks of suffering from mental disorders. Through the learning and training of martial arts as the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system, they can understand the differences and accept changes in their routines by concentrating and remaining healthy with the help of martial arts training.

Martial arts have also been suggested as the solution for this problem by researchers who have been conducting the research studies every year on the behavior of students at risk, using the template of mental disorders such as attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder AD/HD. According to these researchers martial arts has been working marvelously in the treatment of these students. They have shown progress in their academic years and are more intelligent and confident.

From the previous studies it has been concluded that great many researchers and professionals have given stress on the martial arts as they play vital role for the children at risk of mental problems such as hyperactivity and depression. Consequently, many studies conclude that martial arts are the best physical exercises which keep the process of healthy living. Children are more likely to fall into mental delusions therefore its necessary for them to take training of martial arts because it teaches to learn to focus, gain confidence and it allows student to remain active.

Students who are already in different martial arts training are more contended and healthy. They secure better positions in schools. They are less aggressive and calmer than the children who are not involved in the trainings. Moreover Martial arts can be used as the best possible positive behavior support system. Martial arts have been used as the techniques of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system which has worked enormously for the mental illness of children.

Parents who have knowledgeable background of the risks that can affect children for the long run stress on the importance of martial arts and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system. School and many institutions are now providing the training for the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system and martial arts together which is compulsory for the academic year.

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