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Children are vulnerable and are always in the developmental process and their behaviors are always changing. Parents and guardians should realize this fact about the growth of children as they develop changes in their behaviors through time. There have been many research studies which have been conducted concerning the behavior of children. This research report deals with the behavior of children who are labeled at risk by their school officials. Students at risk mean those students who are suffering through mental disorders and are likely to show poor academic progress and behave odd. This study begins with an extensive literature review to understand the benefits of martial arts.

The subjects of research are the students from 7th and 8th grade.  The study has been conducted with the support of surveys and collective secondary data by the parents of those children who are the victims of these disorders and are at risk. In addition, the research progressively uses martial arts as an example of a positive behavior system (PBS) through which these customary punitive practices can be regulated to help the kids at risk. The research also highlights the behaviors of the children of 7th and 8th grade, under what circumstances these children became the victims of these disorders and are labeled at risk by their school officials.  Through training associated with martial arts the children in the age bracket of (12-16) can be treated without the aggressive and harmful drug therapies.

The structure of the report is split into different sections which not only provides background to the current research, but also provides supportive literature to help the researcher in carrying out comprehensive research and draw important conclusion regarding the use of martial arts as a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system. Furthermore, these sections will provide a background to the context, previous research studies, detailed insight to the research methodology, and the implementation such a methodology for this research study and will present the conclusions gained.

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