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The entire text talks about Marks & Spencer’s Plan A and why it was started. It includes a thorough discussion of the five pillars of Plan A and their progress as of today. Defenses by the CEO for this plan are also included in the text. Also the summary of the award won by the company is present.

Marks & Spencer, one of United Kingdom’s largest retailers launched an environmentally pro-active plan a year ago. The company invested £200 to be a socially responsible corporation. In a press conference, Stuart Rose (cited in Plan A Marks & Spencer’s ‘eco’plan: 2) the CEO of the company said, “Every business and individual needs to do their bit to tackle the enormous challenges of climate change and waste…While M&S will continue to sell great-quality, stylish, and innovative products, our customers, employees, and shareholders now expect us to take bold steps and do business differently and responsibly. We believe a responsible business can be a profitable business. We are calling this ‘Plan A’ because there is no ‘Plan B.’”

Plan A has 100 specific points that are set up to be achieved by 2010. According to Mark Stuart’s statement in the press conference he believes that people want to see someone take responsibility and help the environment and bring change to its current stagnant status in the business world. The company realizes that they need to work with both ends of the management chain: the customers and the suppliers. (About Plan A 2007) By 2010 the company will, “Become carbon neutral, send no waste to landfill, extend sustainable sourcing, set new standards in ethical training, and help customers and employees lead healthier lives” (Rose, cited in Harvard Business Review: 1)

The first of the 5 pillars of the plan focus’s on climate change. They are implementing various strategies to mitigate a large carbon footprint. (Climate change stories 2007) From the construction process all the way to the operational aspect, Plan A resonates in the Marks & Spencer ‘eco-factory’ in SriLanka. The factory will use solar energy, use less electricity than the standard norms, and greenery will surround the entire site. Also, measures for cutting the water usage in half will be taken by utilizing rainwater and necessary fixtures. Anaerobic digestion, waste recycling, a comfortable environment and a medical center will also reflect on the site’s overall ‘green’ concept making it an examples for others to follow. (Our first ‘eco’ factory 2007)

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