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Keeping with the climate change pillar, they are continuously working to shrink their carbon foot print by using fuel-efficient vehicles. To create a yin and yang like balance between the carbon emissions they are unable to cut down they have planted “more than 30,000 trees at the College Valley Estate near Wooler, Northumberland.”(Delivering our promises 2007) They have worked closely with a forest carbon consultancy to plant the right kind of trees which will offset the carbon emissions to the maximum. (Delivering our promises 2007)  The College Valley Estate responded to Marks and Spencers actions positively and Chairman of the Directors, Charles Baker-Cresswell(cited in Delivering our promises 2007) said, “We are delighted Marks & Spencer made the decision to join us in establishing this new woodland. They are helping us to achieve our goals to manage the Estate in a way that will enhance and maintain its value as a cultural, environmental, economic and scenic place of excellence.  We look forward to people coming to enjoy this wood – and the rest of our forestry – for many years to come, together with the birds and animals which the trees will attract.”

“According to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, retailers use 275 kilowatt hours (kWh) per square meter. That’s 3 times as much as commercial offices (85kWh), 3.5 times as much as warehouses (81kWh) and 6 times as much as factories (47kWh).” (cited in Greening the in-store environment 2007) To improve upon these epitomizing polluted statistics Marks and Spencer has refurbished various flagship stores to have proper ventilation, reduce leakage of heat or cooling done by the air conditioner, and replaced the old bulbs with more energy efficient ones. (Greening the in-store environment 2007) After making the retail stores carbon neutral, Marks and Spencers next aim is to form the appropriate relationships with its suppliers to reduce wastage and encourage recycling. They have implanted these ‘eco’ changes from the lighting fixtures to cushion stuffing’s and are using energy more efficiently. With each sub-plan, they are keeping with the true spirit of a corporate social responsibility program by collecting feedback and keeping a checks and balances system alive. (Our green factory 2007) Marks and Spencer’s partnered with other companies for a campaign to give the public a means to the end of a better climate. They found that lowering temperatures to 30 degrees C would “save enough electricity to light every street lamp in the UK for 10 months!” (Think climate wash at 30c 2007)

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