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Student’s in a college computer programming class

This Quick Scan USB has 10GB storage capacity and it is a USB 2.0 interface. The Data Transfer Rate to/from Interface is Up to 10MB/sec. (read); up to 5MB/sec. (write). System requirements are a Windows Vista or XP, Mac OS 9.x to 10.2x and a Linux 2.4x. The product height is .7’’, the width is 3.0’’ and the depth is 0.3’’ and the total weight is a mere 0.7 oz. The USB is very useful for computer classes because it stores a large amount of files and its easy to write. With the Quick Scan USB there will be no more time wasting at the end of class when you need to transfer huge files to your USB. “With the Quick Scan USB it’s a matter of seconds.”

New incoming students during the college general orientation

This Quick Scan USB has a 10GB storage capacity, that’s big enough to store everything you’ll be doing freshmen year at a price lower than one course book! It’s the best secret gadget for procrastinator’s who remember that their printer stopped working at the last minute and need a way to transport their documents to a ‘printer friendly site’. “With the Quick Scan USB it’s a matter of seconds.” With its slim design it’s like carrying all your course books in your back pocket. You can also get your name and your colleges name engraved on the USB if you buy it at orientation today!

Press release for the local newspaper

The Quick Scan USB has a 10GB storage capacity and can be used with PC and MAC. The slim design allows the USB to fit comfortably the back pocket and it weighs only .7 oz, it’s as light as a feather. The Quick Scan is enhanced with technology that makes it easy to access important files, pictures from a memorable trip and your favorite music any time. It performs quick, reads at 10MB/sec and writes at up to 5MB/sec. “With the Quick Scan USB it’s a matter of seconds.”

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