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The marketing strategy of Boeing is quite extensive and attractive in nature. Boeing faced a huge number of manufacturing difficulties and a competitive threat from its huge rivals Airbus. Boeing had to find an efficient way of developing and building airplanes and for that reason they changed the entire production systems and they revamped their marketing strategies (Balle & Balle, 2005). Boeing’s aircrafts are a sign of prestige and comfort. Boeing marketing strategy like others is dependent on projections and forecasts. That is the reason why Boeing forecasts a $2.6 trillion market for a new commercial airplane which is nearly over the next 20 years. The strong market demand in the airplane industry will lead the organization to a world fleet and with a significantly improved environmental performance.

Boeing gives an appealing touch and it’s more preferred by the customers. The 787 of Boeing is considered to be a different version of airplanes and it has an entirely different vision. Similarly, the design of the plane is entirely different too. The conventional approach is not followed by the Boeing and it doesn’t apply the hub-and-spoke model. The vice president of sales and marketing has stressed on the design of Boeing and he believes that number of frequencies offered by the airlines has doubled. He believes that customer’s preferences about airplanes are changing and customers prefer more point-to-point flights which allow the customers to fly more frequently and on smaller planes (Newhouse, 2008).

The new airplanes that are forecasted by the organization possess a 4.9 percent annual increase in the passenger traffic and it 6.1 percent annual increase in the air cargo traffic.

Similarly, modifies the interior of 767-300n and it give a look of Boeing 777 to the conventional 767-300. That is the reason why the organization is now reporting that 767-300 is getting new and passengers are pleased with the interior of the plane. The entire interior of 767-300 is based on the award-winning interior design of the Boeing 777. The marketers have used psychological elements in marketing in developing the interior of the plane. The element of comfort and state-of-the-art lighting depicts a prestigious look (Newhouse, 2008). Similarly, marketers focus on the comfort and they have made the plan more spacious through its design.  This interior is delivered to Lauda Air of Austria.

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