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Airbus on the other hand focused on technological advances to get ahead of the competition. The strengths of Airbus such as twin-aisle, wide-body, and twin engine aircraft have given the company an opportunity to soar higher than its competitors. Apparently, Airbus could take more passengers than what Boeing can make in one flight. Airbus has been offering its passengers a huge, quiet, and full-efficient double aircraft. Coordinating with other companies has also helped Airbus to gain persuaded more clients to buy aircrafts and gain larger market share (Viardot, 2004). The partnership with other companies apparently gave Airbus an edge among its competitors which also led to a more successful business in aircraft industry.

The Airbus A380 super –jumbo is basically a plane for the chronicles of the aviation industry. It possesses the capability of taking 550 to 800 passengers and it is categorized as the biggest airline around the world. It has two full length decks and elements like sleeper cabins, cocktail lounges and a beautiful gym (Newhouse, 2008). These elements combine together to capture public’s imagination.

But besides all of its services and promise of innovation the A380 represents a bet-the-house wager and it is considered to be the most disliked of air-travel. The A380 is mainly build around the hypothesis that airlines will continue to fly smaller planes on the shorter routes. This plane also assumes that passengers would change their preferences and they want to put up the hassle of changing planes in exchange for the privilege of travelling in a supreme jet powered air plane.

It seems that passengers are not satisfied with A 380 because they believe that the plane gives in impression of a freighter rather than a luxury linear. The needs of the customers are not satisfied with this plane. It is quite obvious when customers are given an option to choose between more seats and a gym the choice of gym goes and they preference of more seats can be considered as the final verdict of the customers. Although this found to be a cynical approach but not to those who are found of the upstairs first-class lounge in the early times of 747’s airplanes.

The research analysts at Airbus evaluated that they need to have a standing room only seats for short haul flights. Customer evaluation gives out an estimate that pursuing this strategy would be beneficial for the firm and it would allow more passengers to it in a single plane. This clearly   depicts that the marketing and business strategy of Airbus is off the target and it is not that much aligned with the trends of aviation and travel industry. The recent trends in the aviation industry are:

  • The cost of fuel is rising.
  • The competition in the industry is getting fierce.
  • Travelling is getting slower because the Airports are getting more crowded with people.
  • Consumers are not satisfied with the level of services offered to them and they do not prefer the flying experience.

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