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1.0 Introduction

The name of the product is “Relaxoplex” and it is owned by an organization named “RPG Company”. The purpose of the product is to provide foot massage to the public and they can listen to music while they are having a massage.

The industry is not that saturated and there are limited producers of foot massagers in the market of United Kingdom. However, there are many foot massagers but the massagers are of limited features and that is the reason why a foot massager is created which incorporates different features. Different foot massagers are in the market which is named as ottoman foot and calf massager, reflex roller massager, doctor’s professional leg massager, Stimulating circular leg massager and etc. The organization that is producing Relaxoplex is RPG Company and it specializes in different massagers and it has massagers for back, toes, legs, head and etc.

The core concept of this massager is that it relaxes the muscles of foot and calves. There are different features of this massager like it not only relaxes the muscles but it also provides music oriented activities to its users. The design of the product is very attractive and it comes in different colors. The product is designed efficiently to cater the needs of the customers and the biggest advantage of this product is that it has no side effects and it’s tested by different medical organizations. That is the reason why it is expected that this product will gain success in both the short and the long run.

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