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1. Vitamins segmentation can be done under two factors of demographic segmentation: age and life-cycle stage and gender. For example: many companies have vitamins for kids that taste fruity and come in an assortment of colors compared to the vitamins for adults. Vitamins are also different for men and women.

When we take credit cards into consideration, although consumer segmentation is important, segmenting business markets is quite important too. Customers may already carry a certain credit card but they must also have an outlet to use that credit card. Henceforth, companies must maintain relationships with the merchants segment that already carry the cards and try to convince new ones to carry the card as well.


The most important segmentation variable for coffee would be under behavioral segmentation. A large part of the American population drinks coffee; it’s a morning ritual for most. To do effectively segment the market, coffee companies such as Starbucks should asses the usage rate to see whether the consumer is a light, medium, or heavy product user. Heavy users are more likely to be loyal customers therefore the company should fulfill all their needs to keep them loyal. Light users should be the target of advertisements to bring them in and hopefully turn them in to loyal customers.

2. International markets can be segmented geographically, economically, politically and culturally. Companies can also use inter-market segmentation where the form “segments of consumers who have similar needs and buying behavior even though they are located in different countries.” (Kotler and Armstrong 207) This concept can be used to segment an ipod because the basic purpose is storing an enormous amount of music into a small portable device. It doesn’t matter what kind of music is stored in the ipod so all the barriers are broken.

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