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Ten pin bowling is considered as a competitive sport in which a bowler rolls a ball which is known as a bowling ball in a lane which is made up of wood or it is comprised of synthetic material. The objective of the game is to knock down as many balls as you can. The lane in the game is usually known as the gutter and if all the pins are down then it is known as the “strike”. This game is gaining popularity around the world and it’s very famous in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Philippines and etc.

The name of the company is “TP-Bowling” and it is a bowling organization that was incorporated in the United States and now they are planning to enter the Australian market. This company has experienced numerous profitable years in United States and in order to diversify their risks and to enhance their customer base they are opting for an expansionary policy. They are opening an arena in the first year in Melbourne. The company’s marketing strategy is quite proactive and they have marketing gurus in their arsenal that guide them to the path of success.

Situational Analysis

Internal analysis

The internal analysis of this organization depicts that the sales figures were staggering in the United States and the sales of the organization in United States for 2008 were $3 Billion and they experienced about 2.7% growth compared to the previous year. The market share of the organization in United States is 35%. The positioning strategy of the organization is quite straight forward and the core focus of the organization is to provide an ambiance to customers who belong to the upper class. TP Bowling stresses a lot in developing a niche market and they are developing a mindset of the customers that TP bowling is a place for the upper class. The promotional strategy of this organization is promoting the brand through marketing on Television, websites and through cold calling. Magazines and certain periodicals are also used as a communication tool.

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