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The marketing plan of Cosmo Coffee is interlinked with the business plan that was developed for the same brand. The marketing plan is given below:

Marketing Mix:

Cosmo Coffee marketing mix consists of the approaches mentioned below:

  • Pricing:

Cosmo coffee will inculcate the market skimming pricing strategy. The purpose of using this strategy is to target a set of customers that are more towards

Cosmo Coffee targets the mass population; its segmentation includes young adults, office workers, tourists and shoppers of malls. Penetration pricing comprises the set of lower, rather than higher prices .Therefore, the pricing format of the Cosmo Coffee is based on standard industry practices. Keeping in this mind, we have taken an estimated range of our competitors that is the range of $4 to $6. Cosmo Coffee expects the guests checks will average about $4.50.

  • Promotion:

The promotion of the products of Cosmo Coffee will be he helpful for the awareness of product, immediate traffic and establishment of brand image through the followings:

  1. Website:

The promotion of Cosmo Coffee will be done through advertisements on different websites, online blogs and social networking portals.

  1. Advertising Channels:

These includes Ad banners and pamphlets through which the advertisement of our coffee products and specialties.

  1. Public Relations:

According to the survey of the marketing directors, Public relations are most important than advertising (Harris & Kotler, 1999). Public relations would be made stronger through trade shows in offices and social events.

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