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A marketing plan gives an overview of an organization and in depth analysis of its marketing strategy the marketing plan highlights the major aspects of an organization that is related to marketing. In this paper we will develop a marketing plan for Williams Engineering Company. The core aspects of the marketing plan are discussed below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Fact and figures
  3. Promotional Activities
  4. Competitors
  5. Strategic factors and marketing
  6. 6. Conclusion

The business Mission

The mission of the organization is to enhance the turnover of the organization and to increase the sales of the organization in such a way that the employees and the other stakeholders are satisfied with the organization. However, emphasise in laid on technological advancement of the organization.


The WES (Williams Engineering Services) is actually a small organization that provides different services which are related to subcontract metalwork and engineering works. These works would include different categories like grinding, fabricating, profile cutting and flame cutting.  This organization also engages itself in trolleys and they undertake broken contract fabrication of different range of trolleys. It is an outwork arrangement that was actually developed some ten years ago with the collaboration of a trolley manufacturer. This organization is quite committed in its approach and they actually have a wide range of experience in providing consulting services to both the subcontractors from the government and the private industry. A competitive pricing approach is followed by this organization and for both the short term and the long term project organizations policy as far as quality is concerned remains the same.

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