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One of the most important aspects of the marketing mix is that what products and service are actually offered to the final customers. This aspect is also focused a lot at McDonalds and that is the reason why a huge menu is presented to the customer’s so that they can choose where they can spend their money. That is the reason why McDonalds emphasizes a lot on developing its menu and extensive research is conducted by the organization in order to develop the menu according to the needs of the customers.

However, an element of change is usually kept in mind when an organization is marketing its products to its customers and elements like buying behavior, income patters and the global economic conditions are usually kept in mind. This is because what is fashionable and trendy today may be discarded tomorrow (Kroc, 1992). In the similar manner McDonalds is famous for its innovative products and the senior managers of McDonalds stress a lot in developing new and innovative products based on consumer preferences. They focus on the product life cycle of a certain brand and develop wide and varied strategies that are beneficial in both the short and the long run.


The promotional aspect that is associated with the marketing mix actually covers all the aspects that are related with the marketing communications of an organization. There are numerous forms of promotional techniques that are available and McDonalds uses nearly all the promotional mediums to market their products. This organization focuses on both above the line and below the line activities. In the similar manner also engages itself in both paid and non-paid promotional activities. Other promotional measures that are used by McDonalds actually includes elements like telemarketing, loyalty schemes, door drops, seminars, merchandising, point of sale display, trade shows and certain demonstrations (Peter & Donnelly, 2008). The core objective of the organization is to develop the mindset of the consumers so that they can buy more and more products of McDonalds. Television is used widely by this organization and different efforts are made to use this medium effectively and efficiently. In the similar manner this would also include in-store distribution that facilities the customers in an effective and an efficient way. They also engage in activities like co-branding techniques and endorsing the brand with a famous personality.

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