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Therefore, it can be concluded that a proper and a straight forward approach must be used by organizations to market their brand top youngsters and teenagers. They have to check the characteristics of the target market and through proper research organizations must identify what are the core features of their target market (McKay 2009). In the similar manner, after a deep analysis of the target market they must identify who are their loyal customers and through surveys they must understand that how these customers can be retained on a long term basis. In the similar manner an organization that is working in the clothing market must focus on core attributes of the brand (Cost 2005). In the initial stage an organization must highlight the core aspects of their product and then they should market them. Similarly, for a clothing brand they should develop differentiating element in their product and then they must market that to the new target market that is sorted out through research.

In the similar manner once a differentiating element is developed in the product than focus must be laid on that product. However, emphasis must be laid on the communication process too (Gaunlett 2002). An integrated approach must be used in the communication process and this would benefit an organization in both the short and the long run. Integration of the communication processes is very important for an organization and the entire decision making of an organization rests upon this. Therefore, utmost care must be taken by an organization when they are devising a policy that is entirely based on the communication process. In the similar manner, the clothing brand would gives its customers a feel that after wearing an XYZ brand the customers would be satisfied by this brand and they have to try it once and after that they will buy it again and again. In the similar manner, a proper USP (unique selling proposition) must be designed by the organization for its customers and the organization should use this USP in all of its advertising campaigns. In the similar manner employees of this clothing organization must coordinate with each other in developing a strong strategy that would assist the organization in both the short and the long run (Cost, 2005). Furthermore, the mediums of advertising and the advertising channels must be effectively used. Collaborative efforts and campaigns must be developed to build the brand integrity and identity that is sustainable and it can retain the customers.

Emphasis must be laid on effective promotional mediums. Among these mediums the cost effective and the most productive mediums must be selected (Chernatony, 2006). Therefore, it can be said that integrated communication marketing is an essential process for organizations that are focusing on both the aspects of marketing and communication. Finally, all the process must not be treated as a fashion or a fad terminology and they must be properly implemented in an organization.

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