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Marketing communications B2B

The B2B market is normally termed as business to business market in which an organization is the seller and the other organization is the buyer. That is in both the scenarios business and marketing takes place between organizations. This scenario is implemented in nearly all the organizations and industrial marketing can be considered as the apt example of this (Minett 2001). Usually, the volume of these transactions is quite high as compared to other market that is the reason why organizations stresses a lot on this.

As far as marketing communication is concerned then in this scenario for B2B markets there are certain specific tools that are used by marketers (Minett 2001). These tools are personal selling, advertising, exhibitions, PR, etc.

Marketing Communications B2C

The B2C market depicts that businesses are having transactions and they are selling products and services to the general public who are regarded as consumers (Upshaw 2007). The volume of transactions is usually low by a single customer but if the strategy is developed effectively then more and more customers are attracted towards the product or service and through this strategy the volume of sales can be increased.

In the scenario of marketing communication in the B2C market there are certain tools which are in certain aspects similar to B2B but the application part is different (Upshaw 2007). These tools are Advertising, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, PR, etc.

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