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Segmentation is basically dividing the customers of the organization into certain segments and groups. Usually the segments are divided on the basis of certain factors like age, income, behavioral aspects, etc. Usually they focus on the mass market and they stress a lot on the mass marketing efforts. However, if we have a closer look at the marketing strategies of McDonalds then it is quite crystal clear that they focus on households and children in particular. In the similar manner it can be said that when they enter a certain country they focus on the middle and the upper class of that country.

However, this depends on the socio economic factors of that country. The core strategy is to introduce the culture of McDonalds in every country so that customers all over the world can easily adapt the taste of McDonalds.  But in a broader scale it can be clearly said that the segmentation of McDonalds changes with every country and with the socio economic policies of that country. But in general their brand focuses on the mass market and stresses on the house hold consumers and children (Love, 1995). That is the reason why a fun element is involved in their promotional campaigns and marketing schemes. Researchers have claimed that they have found certain segments that visits McDonalds and their preferences are given below:

A parent with two children: They visit McDonalds on a regular basis to give their children a treat

Children: They visit McDonalds because it’s a place where the fun is.

A business customer: They visit McDonalds because the service is quick and the quality of food is great.

Teenagers: They are usually attracted by the saver menu of McDonalds, the restaurant is affordable and internet service is available in most of their branches (Love, 1995).

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