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Market segmentation is segmenting the target market into different segments and this segmentation is based on division of customers into different homogenous groups. Different segmentation strategies would be used by blue ribbon groceries. The segmentation strategies that are used by blue ribbon groceries would be demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation and behavioural segmentation.

In the demographic segmentation blue ribbon grocery would focus on the phenomenon of mass marketing that is the reason why they won’t focus on any particular segment. Only those who use internet are targeted. They can also focus on behavioural segmentation and brand loyal customers are targeted through this approach. Similarly, individuals who are internet savvy are focused more through psychographic segmentation.

The segments can also be created on B2B bases and businesses can also be targeted and segmented. Restaurant can be contacted and those buyers can be contacted those who prefer convenience buying.

3.0 Corporate Strategies

In order to gain corporate advantage in both the short and the long term corporate strategies are implemented by different organizations. Organizations that are in the virtual world also implement these strategies. If these strategies are implemented in a proper manner than an organization can easily attain a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors. These corporate strategies must be adopted by blue ribbon grocery to prosper in both the short and the long run. Some of these corporate strategies are discussed below:

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