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Mandatory academic standards guarantee a better police force. The government makes the law, the police implements its. If a government official was uneducated and only had a high school diploma the country would frown upon it. If a police officer doesn’t have the proper college education he should be frowned upon to. Whether educational standards are discriminatory or not is debatable.

The U.S. government, the law making body of the country, to this day has not had a female president. The second women ever to run in this race just lost a few days ago to an African American male. The prediction according to most people is that Democrats will not win the 2009 election. But this does not mean that the educational standard, the work experience, and all the other standards a presidential candidate is held up to should be dropped because they are apparently discriminatory. Anyone who makes the law is weighed upon a scale of qualifications, one of which is education. This often minimizes the diversity on the larger scale in our country’s government but only because the truth of democracy is that although every one has a voice the majority is not always right. Henceforth, if an academic standard is deemed non-mandatory and only optional because it is apparently discriminatory and it will affect the agency’s diversity the United States should get used to having laws implemented on them by people who might not have the credentials to implement the law let alone understand the depth of it. Police officers should not be puppets of the government. A government that makes laws and a police that blindly implements them. Being someone’s puppet is communism. Democracy holds people up to different standards. In a democratic nation it is our right that the person implementing the law be educated just like the person making the law.

Options such as a police education institute can substitute for a formal college education. In either case a police officer should be held up to a specific standard of education. A formal education provides the police force with tools to better understand their society and critically analyze situations and deal with problems efficiently. Being held up to an academic standard is not a discriminatory act, instead it is in line with the principles of democracy. Every professional should be held up to a standard of education.

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