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The Acme Corporation is a multinational organization and the services of this company are offered in countries located all over the world. The company is exploring its strategic options and it’s looking for banks that offer service globally. The company has subsidiaries in countries located in South America and Asia. Moreover the import and export revolved the world. The company wants to centralize its operations and they have to deal both locally and international with stake holders. They have to deal with customers locally and international and same is the case with vendors and suppliers.


The Acme Corporation is looking for an international bank to manage its bank related operations on a global scale. Citibank is considered to be one of the biggest banks of the world and it has operations all over the world. The bank is located in more than 100 countries and it has more than 200 million customers around the world. Compliance is the biggest issue in corporate banking and Citibank’s fraud management team is considered to be the best in the business. Acme’s banking issues can easily be resolved by Citibank because of their swiftness in operations. Among all the international banks Citibank has more branches in Asia and in the Middle East as compared to all other international banks.

The bank can tailor made the services and provide effective services for global organizations. In the case of managing the working capital “Citibank” is the best choice because it provides services like liquidity management, international and domestic clearances, check outsourcing systems etc.

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