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1. Explain how Urban Outfitters’ management ensures that no two stores are the same.

Urban Outfitters thrives on uniqueness. While all the support functions such as finance and accounting are standardized and centralized, store design is decided at the store level itself. At the company-wide level creative directors look into the budgets to be allocated for store displays while store and district managers make the key decisions for their respective stores.

These managers hold professional degrees in interior designing or have a natural flair for art which ensures the design will be something creative. When a new location is chosen, visual teams, comprising store managers, graphic artists and product developers, bring together their ideas ensuring a unique shopping experience for customers.  Since the members of these teams are shuffled around each time, it guarantees fresh ideas each time round. Their stores usually keep a rustic feel; when moving into a new location, the teams often leave broken bricks exposed and avoid fixing up peeling wallpaper. Random items, looking more like they belong to a lost-an-found section, find their way into built up fixtures which adds to the personality of the store (, 2008).

2. Explain why corporate culture so important to a company’s success.

Corporate culture is the make or break ingredient in a company’s success. It defines how employees interact with one another, and how information, instructions knowledge and feedback flow within an organization. Most importantly, the corporate culture also determines the rate of employee turnover and what kind of employees will be attracted in the future. Since a company’s success is synonymous with the success of its human capital, a healthy corporate culture has an important role to play. Company politics, strained flow of communication and lack of transparency can prove fatal for a company, irrespective of how good the product they are selling is. In addition, it is important that employees at all levels are in sync with respect to the perception they hold on the corporate culture of the company. Communicating their vision on corporate culture is the responsibility of top management.

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