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In the early stages of computing information systems were used to generate payroll systems and they were used in basic calculations and maintaining simple databases. But, as the flow of information increases and people became familiar with more and more information the advent of MIS (Management Information systems) were indispensible.

A management information system is a process that allows necessary information to be managed effectively. In order to take sensible business decisions the information generated by MIS is considered to be an important source (OCC, 1995). An MIS generates a number of reports for the organization and these reports facilitate the decision making process. An MIS is used at many levels in an organization and it is aligned with the long term objectives of the firm. The strategic and operational vision is also managed by the management information system. Besides maintaining the information technology needs it is also used for financial systems and generate reports that are used by the decision makers related to the field of finance and accountancy. It contains elements like general entries, reconciliation of financial systems etc.

An MIS must be developed to achieve certain goals and its must increase the communication pattern among employees, efficiently deliver complex material to the employees, it reduces the expense of labor intensive operations and generated system generated procedures and methods (OCC, 1995). Similarly, management information system must consider the direction of the organization and the strategic goals of the organization.

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