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The management of Ford Motor Company is quite rich in every aspect and they implement every management model that is beneficial for the organization. The basic attributes of management which is planning, leading controlling and organizing are implemented in the organization and certain other management attributes like Total quality management, Just in Time inventory and etc are also implemented in this organization.

The principles of change management are also implemented in the organization and the organization stresses a lot on change management because they believe that chaining the conventional approach is necessary for growth and the organization can easily climb the ladders of success if they are able to manage the change (Banham & Newman, 2002). That is the reasons why in Ford Motor Corporation different workshops and training sessions are initiated that are directly related to change management.

The management approach of Ford Motors is quite famous around the world and this organization is believed to control the most famous automobiles in the world. They are managing famous brands that are giving favorable returns to the organization. Over different years the management structure of Ford is adapting to the changing markets and they are adopting new policies because the trends and economic conditions of the markets are changing. They have inculcated theories like business process reengineering and the management processes and the theories of management like Total Quality Management (TQM) are quite commonly used in this organization (Brinkley, 2004). The overall strategy of the organization has responded with the challenges of the industry and the corporate culture of Ford Motor Management is aligned with the modern philosophies.

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