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Before the comparative analysis of the main causes of terrorism, we will see some definitions of terrorism. In the eyes of the united states department of defense terrorism is “the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.” (cited in Terrorism Research, 2009). It means that it is the unlawful activity or threat of it, to coerce somebody in order to pursue some goals. Mostly this is used against the governments or its officials.

Now if we look at the three main causes mentioned in the text are the birth of is the Israel, the dream of establishing a pan-Arab Islamic state of Muslims and the Muslim’s brotherhood. I think the birth of Israel 1948 served the role of a trigger in this scenario and is the boon of contention. Later the wars of 1948, 1956 and in June 1967 between Arabs and Israel add fuel to fire. These wars actually forced the Muslims countries of Middle East to get united against the threat of Israel and they set their goal of making their own pan Islamic fundamental state (transcript 9).

Before the rise of the Israel, the Jews, the Muslims and the christen communities were living in peace and tolerance under Ottoman rule (transcript 9). The communal millet system which was established by the ottomans has provided protection and autonomy to both ethnic and religious minorities of the country. But it is also an historical and recorded fact that most of the Arabs don’t like the Jews because they thought that they were oppressed by Christian and Jewish business classes (transcript 9). As this class of society was more affluent and has more power because of their unity and organization, so it has more dominant role in the affairs of the state (transcript 9). They also have their ties with the western powers which were lead by the united Kingdome at that time. During the world war second, because of the atrocities of Hitler, many Jews flee from Germany and accumulated in the area of Middle East (transcript 9). When in 1948, Israel was born; the Muslims all over the world perceived it as a catastrophic event which they thought that the collapse of Palestinian nationalism. Later on the area lost by Arabs at the hand of Israel in the subsequent wars also fueled the hatred of Muslims against the Jews. During these wars, United States and its allies supported the Israel which gave the impression to the Arabs that they should take the revenge from not only the Israel but also from the United States.

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