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The first major variable for segmenting a consumer market is demographic where markets are divided based on age, sex, income, occupation, family life cycle or size, religion and social class. The age and life-cycle stage divides markets in two ways. First, age is the segmentation variable that decides which product will cater to which age group. For example, a tooth paste can be targeted towards both kids and adults by differentiating the kids toothpaste by adding fun flavors such as bubble gum. The segment based on life-cycle means to cater to people in the stage of life they are in. For example, honeymoon packages are targeted towards newlyweds. Gender also plays a huge rule in segmentation because some products are targeted specifically either towards men or women.

Geographic segmentation is based on the geographic region, city or metro size, density, climate, and population growth in different areas. Thick winter coats will be usually targeted towards places with colder climates compared to places with hot and humid climates. Hotels also market geographically by spreading out their larger and more expensive chains in the city areas and small inns in smaller cities.

Behavioristic segmentation targets people based on the use and benefits of the product rather than the features. One way to divide and target people would be their percentage of use of the product and if they were heavy users, moderate users, light users or frequent or incentive users. One way to use this segmentation would be to remind people the brushing teeth twice a day is doctor recommended and use that to increase the usage of the product.

Psychographic segmentation focuses psychological facts to divide the market. This type of segmentation would be based upon personality traits, lifestyle or values. For example someone with a flamboyant personality would not visit a vintage store that focused on collecting understated pieces of clothing. He or she would want to visit a store that would make him/her look good and have that extra jazz or pizzazz that would match his/her personality. Also certain people’s lifestyles dictate the choices they make and the products they buy. For example, certain people are very brand conscious and follow trends religiously.

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