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Toni Morrison and Richard Wright are considered to be major black writers of their time because their writing pieces have managed to provide a great deal of background and consequences that were faced by blacks due to the most valued white culture. Toni Morrison and Richard Wright have written The Bluest Eye and The Native Son respectively. Both the novels have a common theme projection of negative impact of white culture. In this paper we shall discuss how the two writers have projected the negative impact of white’s culture on blacks.

The Bluest Eye and Negative Impact of White Culture:

The protagonist of the novel The Bluest Eye is Pecola who depicts and narrates the writer’s account that whiteness was regarded as the beauty in 1900s. The author had used the symbol blue eyes in the novel displaying the beauty and simultaneously spreading the idea that blacks were ugly. The impact of white culture was greatly evident on the women after the great depression as women with blue eyes and white skins were regarded as beautiful. Black women continuously fell in the depression that they were never beautiful and that the romantic movies were just for white women. The filmmakers of that time continued to put an effective transition that only white women were beautiful (Morrison)

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