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There should be part of every individual in maintaining the network security. End users should always take care of their systems by always having an antivirus and keeping that up-to-date, by opening only those emails whose sender is verified properly, by installing security patches with every new installation of any software, by making backups and testing them thoroughly, and by being only on a single dedicated network. This would ensure them safe computing and no liabilities ( : Business Strategy, 2009).

To execute the business, IT professionals and top management executives should go hand in hand which would ensure the safe and effective business. The part of top management should be played well enough when they would assign experienced staff for security of networks, when they would realize the fact that business problems are entailed by information security, when they would effectively deal with the operational features of security such as insurance, manpower, budget keeping for this domain of seeing an unforeseen thing which may happen or maybe not, when they would realize the worth of their organization and information, when they would learn to fix their problem in the longer run, and when they will stop ignoring the problems ( : Business Strategy, 2009).

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