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The main risk for investment bankers in marketing securities for corporations is that all securities will not be subscribed and the bankers will have purchase these securities from the company. This involves credit risk and low profitability risk to the investment bankers. Investment bankers analyze the companies thoroughly in terms of overall value and demand for its shares before marketing securities for them so there is a high probability of subscription by the general public.


Overpricing is not a cost to the issuing firm as the selling price of the shares is above the book value of shares which provides a premium to the issuing firm.


Discount brokers only execute trades on behalf of an investor and provide no value added services whereas full service brokers not only execute trades instructions form the investor they also provide extensive research and analysis regarding trends and performance of specific shares and overall market. Investors who do not have much experience, expertise or time usually opt for full service brokers paying higher commissions.

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