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In order to carry out an assessment of the major Macro-Environmental Influences that exist in the case of Bestway Cash and Carry, the following paragraphs shall constitute a PESTEL analysis (Neild and Carysforth 2004).

Political Analysis

The political scenario for Bestway Cash & Carry remains favourable to date in light of the fact that the founder of the wholesale chain is on first-rate terms with the governing elements of the region within which Bestway Cash & Carry functions. This can be judged from the fact that in 1992, the founder, Sir Anwar Pervez was awarded the Order of the British Empire and in 1999 he was awarded the Knight’s Bachelor (Bestway Group 2009). This was bestowed upon the founder in light of the recognition that Bestway foundation had acquired through service to business and to charity.The implications of the political stability for the industry in specific remain high since any political upset may bring about a decrease in consumer spending which may lead to a decrease in the revenues generated.

The implications of unstable political situations are two-fold for wholesalers such as Bestway Cash and Carry. Firstly, the instability serves to bring about decreases in consumer expenditure, causing bulk buyers to reduce their spending at wholesale outlets as well as from retail outlets. The decrease in consumer expenditure at retail outlets leads to the decrease in the purchases that retail outlet owners make at wholesale stores, hence bringing about a second decrease in revenues. Hence, we can surmise that the significance of the political stability remains imperative to the continued growth of Bestway Cash and Carry.

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