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Yes. Johnson being a suspected criminal and having a handgun would have given the police officers reason to believe he would shot them and take out weapons.

Question Four: (You must answer this question).
Macintosh’s confession is cannot be used as evidence in court. Sergeant Patrick Adams did not follow police procedures in getting Macintosh’s confession. First, he does not tell Macintosh that he could have a lawyer present (S 249). Secondly, he continues the interview even after Macintosh clearly says he does not want to answer any more questions. The Sergeant did not tell him that was his right as well (S 37, 228). Thirdly, the confession gained from Macintosh was gained after the sergeant threatened to harm him, putting him under mental pressure (S 247). Lastly the two officers in the room lied in court by changing Macintosh’s words (Laing, 2008).

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