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Ground simulation in vigorous volunteers together with nonhuman research is critical to make available the background for understanding flight observations and that was the only way to help regulate the pressure of causative factors and investigate mechanisms in an inhibited approach. A constant lying or sitting position of head-down bed rest (HDBR) at –6 ° C is now greatly considered as the form of choice[1].

Physiological changes in space and HDBR are exceptionally the same; HDBR induces a head ward movement of fluids, discharges the body from its typical head to toe Gz weight-bearing position and excludes changes in posture, which results to delivery and perhaps as well as immobility. The control of the gravity vector is brought to rest only across the chest in the Gx path. By suggesting a lot of the changes experienced in spaceflight, HDBR affords a means of recording the time option of these changes and exploring mechanisms under more controlled conditions.

[1] Chris J. Snijders. Study of Lower Back Pain in Astronauts During Spaceflight (LBP-Muscle) (2007). (Accessed July 30, 2010).

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