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She was dubbed more dangerous than a thousand rioters by the Chicago Police department. She was a truly remarkable woman and full of revolutionary ideas. She believed that education was necessary in every person’s life and only then they could make proper decisions about the world. She was against campaigning for elections because she thought that people should earn their votes through their ideas and their standing and not by begging people.

She was against racial discrimination and carried out protests that focused on social justice. Her main idea was that a government oppressed the monitory and that anarchism was the way to fight back. The government back in the day was not as democratic as it is today because it did not include everyone in the right of passage called The Constitution of the United States. If we observe up till now the original documents with words such as “man and his liberty…” and “all men created equal..” are still unchanged in major documents. The Equal Rights Amendment has been to congress several times and never passed. Her basis of anarchism was that people should think for themselves before following a superficial and unjust law. She believed that people should research and prove the wrongs right otherwise there would be no human development.


Lucy Parsons believes that people are “governed best when [they] are governed least.” She believes that anarchism is liberty that allows human progress. She believes that in anarchism a person has complete freedom to think, to progress and to investigate matters. Unlike democracy or any form of government where the majority rules, anarchism is for everyone and not just the majority. Nothing is set in stone; everything can be investigated and proved false with the right evidence. Her principles of anarchism are a way to guarantee human progression and not be bound by laws that are unfavorable and biased.  Her idea of a government was false because it bound people to the majority’s decision – a majority that would often crush the lives of the minority. She criticized laws and legal documents such as the constitution because they were accepted by everyone without any objections. The constitution at the time was not in favor of African Americans or women.

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