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Another type of destructive love is ‘self love’. Self love, or in other words narcissism creates a plague out of love. In the world of material things and desires good looks fall in the top category. This concept is aged and has been bred into us from childhood or from the first time someone read the Ugly Duckling to us. No one liked the duck because she was ugly. When she grew up and turned into a beautiful swan everything was okay. This sends out the wrong message just like every other fairytale.

Cinderella is happy because she finds a prince. Snow white is happy because she finds a prince. Belle the beauty turns the beast into a handsome prince. The pattern is the same over and over again. You have to be pretty and you have to find someone rich and pretty. These fairytale stories send out the wrong messages to young children all over the world. For the one who do have the looks and the money think they live in the fairytale and for those who don’t hope that one day they will find their prince charming or turn from beauty’s to beast’s. The problem comes in when we grow up and there is no knight in shining armor or the riches to go along with the dream. The ugly duckling should have remained ugly and should have gone on a journey of real self love. Accepting yourself as who you are despite your flaws because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Turning into a swan should never be an okay ending because it encourages narcissism. As long as I am beautiful everything is okay. I was upset when I was an ugly duckling. Now I am gorgeous. Now everything is okay. Certain individuals in society become entrapped in self love which is detrimental to their mental health once the image they have fallen in love with starts to deteriorate.

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