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The love of others is the most superior expression of love and is what makes society a safer and healthier place. Alfred Adler believed that interdependency creates more strength in society.

And since true happiness is inseparable from the feeling of giving, it is clear that a social person is much closer to happiness than the isolated person striving for superiority. Individual Psychology has very clearly pointed out that everyone who is deeply unhappy, the neurotic and the desolate person stem from among those who were deprived in their younger years of being able to develop the feeling of community, the courage, the optimism, and the self-confidence that comes directly from the sense of belonging. This sense of belonging that cannot be denied anyone, against which there are no arguments, can only be won by being involved, by cooperating, and experiencing, and by being useful to others. Out of this emerges a lasting, genuine feeling of worthiness. (Classical Alderian quotes, 2003)

When people are more involved each other and rely on each other more than they rely on institution there is an increased likelihood that this particular society will be more a healthier and safer place to live in. For example, when people start relying on intuitions such as banks to take loans the chances of crime or amoral behavior increase because a bank only priority is to be ensured that the money will be returned with greater interest. What is done with the money is relative. Whereas when people have to rely on other people directly to obtain a loan the other person usually demands to know what is going to be done with that money. For example when a kid is dependent on his parents to get money there is still a checks in balances system in place to avoid deviant behavior through the money. Whereas if the child starts earning on his own the entire test of his independence is that he will not partake in those deviant activities. Interdependency makes it harder for deviations to take place as compared to independence.

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