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Durante Degli Alighieri who is widely known as the Dante, has showed world his journey to the hell with the guidance of Vigil, a roman poet and then by Beatrice, through the book “Inferno”. In this book the sinners are classified into several categories for the kinds of sins they commit. The map of hell showed in this book represents the geography of the hell in the form of circles. According to him the hell has nine circles which keep the sinners in the strongest punishments. Every human being who has committed a sin has to go to hell for the punishment of his sins, whether Augustine who transformed into a saint, Jonathon swift who degraded the Irish by using the language that should be used specifically for animals or Whitman Walt who was a desist and bisexual. All sinners belong to the circle in the Dante’s hell.

St. Augustine is widely known for his influence over a great number of Catholics who transformed himself and left behind his life full of lust, greed for riches and entertainment. Augustine in his book confession confesses the sins he had committed as an infant, a teenager and in the later age of his life. It is complicated to put St. Augustine in just one of the circles as described by Dante. Augustine in his book “confession” confessed that he spent his life in acquiring the riches to live a life with comforts and all the facilities for better living. Augustine cannot be considered as good or bad for this sin he committed because it was his goal to make a living and get better in the society through riches and comforts. This sin places Augustine in the first area of the hell which is referred to Vestibule (Jones, 2005). This place belongs to the opportunists such as Augustine was considered before is conversion. People who belong to this area neither believe in neither God nor Evil.

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