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The researcher has strived to keep the dissertation as accurate and realistic as possible however some constraints and limitations still exist. Due to the researcher’s residential location and the distance between the operations and the market of the company being investigated, certain constraints applied on the research. This is because the researcher is unable to go to the region of Nigeria and conduct a market research specific to the region. The constraints relate to the application of recommendations, research result generalization and the usability of the recommendations provided.. The limitations of the research include that a comprehensive interview based survey could not be performed on the realistic Nigerian market of UTC Plc Kaduna State Branch.

The other limitations that have been faced in the research pertain to conducting interviews and information gathering from the UTC Plc Company. The company is located in Nigeria which made getting information from the management difficult. As a result the interviews that were taken from the management of the UTC Plc Kaduna State Branch were questionnaire based interviews that were conducted through the email and the internet. A detailed investigation into the operations of UTC Plc was not possible due to the lack of easy access to the company and its management. This has made the researcher rely on the information provided by the management of the company.

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