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The freedom of expression and the freedom of speech although is important for the society and individuals and countries stress on it a lot. But the freedom has certain limitations and people can use media, internet and other related sources but with certain limitations. The freedom of expression and speech is questioned when the legal systems, societal values conflicts with the values and rights of others (Lessing & McLeod, 2007). Elements like pornography, hurting the religious or racial sentiments of others, going against the norms of a certain country and etc are considered to be the major violation of laws that are related to the freedom of expression. If these elements occur in a society then they suffer legal sanctions and social disapprobation.

However, certain philosophers believe that our society should be free from all the restrictions and liberty should prevail in the society. The degrees to which people take offenses vary with person to person and in certain cases it may also result to unjustified prejudice. Certain individuals are trying to infringe the rights of others through different techniques like plagiarism and intellectual property violation. That is the reason why there are certain laws and acts that are used to restrict this practice (Kamali, 1997). Criticisms are laid on different group of individuals and societies when they affect the religious, social, moral identities of certain other groups. This criticism posses negative affects in both the short and the long run.

Freedom of expression may seem to be a viable approach in the eyes of many individuals and philosophers and in democratic and civilized society the freedom must prevail. But hurting other for the sake of prejudice and hatred is not a good strategy for the society. There are numerous examples when the religious, moral, cultural and ethnic sentiments of individuals were tarnished by other group of people.

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