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The hairy Ape is a play by Eugene O Neil that was produced in 1922. The story of the play The Hairy Ape tells about the division of classes in a society. The protagonist of the story is Yank who had been depicted as a person who faces complexities in living a life in a society where the rules are set and violated by the rich and poor people are not supposed to violate the rules at all. In this paper we shall discuss Yank who is trapped in the class trap of the society.

The childhood of Yank had been a complete distressing childhood that Yank never wanted to talk about. Yank had gone through horrible moments when he was a child. Listening to his father who was abusive was a misery for Yank as a kid. Yank’s parents used to fight severely every night that they would break the furniture. Yank left his home when his mother died because of tremens. Yank was so tired of his father’s punishment and beatings that he had no other option but to run away from home (Bloom, 2007).

Yank had been projected as a fireman working in a ship. In the beginning of the drama Yank had been displayed as a happy person who knows that the work he does is important for the ship. But soon he comes to know that he stands nowhere in the society. His social status was null and he could not do anything to raise his standard. In this way in the drama he is shown to have identity crisis (Bloom, 2007).

Yank meets Mildred Douglas who is a daughter of a rich man. Mildred goes through the same identity crisis. Mildred is a woman who has been projected as a lady willing to work for the humanity. After meeting Mildred, Yanks learns that he is stuck in the so called class trap where the lack of education and wealth is important for being in the high class ring. Together Yank and Mildred share the sense of belonging and undergo the search for status they belong (Bloom, 2007).

Overall, the drama is a success because it points out the crucial reality of the American society. For my own preference, I would like to experience dramas which are more about the factual realities that are experienced by every common man. Dramas which are closely related to the reality like The Hairy Ape are my preference.

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