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Jane Pittman lived her life mostly in poverty but she never complained for the lack of materials. She lived in a small with no furniture. By the time when she was reaching the dead end of her life, she did not even have the running water to drink. But she still remained calm as there were great loses that she suffered that little problems did not appear to her at all (Gaines).

In the last years of Jane’s life, Jimmy Aaron who is a Messiah figure who comes to see Jane in order to help the sufferers of the poor law enforcing bodies. Jimmy Aaron respected her and knew that Jane is a community leader because everyone respected Jane. Jimmy’s confidence was proven when Jane leaded the crowd towards the Bayonne after Jimmy’s death (Andrews).

Thus Miss Jane Pittman life can teach a lot of lesson to the people because she lived a life which can be an example for the mankind as her life gives entirely different meanings of freedom. The life of Miss Jane Pittman would enrich the readers with an experience of a legacy towards awakening.

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