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As discussed earlier, it is hard to let go of one’s previous habits and most people have the habit of Win-Lose. I also felt it so hard to think about mutual benefits and let go of my habit of thinking about my personal benefits only. Covey has described the benefits of this habit so well in the book. He has also explained that transition from old habit to the new one might be hard therefore the reader has an idea about how to make the transition. This habit has boosted my confidence level and now I am able to present my opinions more easily.

The fifth habit described by Covey is ‘Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood’. This habit is about creating the ability to listen empathetically to others. Listening empathetically means to understand how the other person feels and to analyze all the factors that are causing the other person to communicate that way. If a person adopts this habit, he would be able to conduct interpersonal communication in a much more effective manner.

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