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Discuss a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the ACA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (Mental Health or Community Counseling Students) in which you will experience little difficulty due to a concordance between the ethical practice and your personal belief system

Research can present a number of ethical issues that may jeopardize the rights of an individual and in specific the patient or the participant. Issues of consent and confidentiality can bring about problems because of the clash between the ethical practice and personal belief system or values.

According to the ACA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, research has to be done in accordance to the provided guidelines. The researchers are require to conduct their research in a manner that contributes to the profession knowledge base and upholds a vivid understanding of the requirements that lead to a just and healthy society. On the other hand, the counselors should support the work of the researchers by participating willingly and fully given a chance. The counselors are supposed to reduce bias and respect the diversity in the implementation and design of the research programs (American Counseling Association, 2005).

These guidelines relate to the following; (a) institutional approval, (b) adherence to guidelines, (c) confidentiality of information obtained in research, (d) disclosure of research information, (e) agreement of identification (American Counseling Association, 2005). Sometimes it becomes very difficult to strictly follow the guidelines due to number of issues that relate to the personal belief systems.

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