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In comparison with other countries the legal drinking age of 21 is the highest among all the countries of the world. Teenagers of sixteen years can drink beers and alcoholic beverages in France. Although, it seems that alcoholics is France would be higher as compare to United States but only 9% of the adults in France are labeled as alcoholics. In the United States although the legal age of drinking is raised but an estimate suggests that 20% people in United States are considered to be alcoholics (Brown). The rationale for these figures are the fact that people in France and other western countries grow up drinking and they develop responsibility oriented drinking habits in their younger years. People in France are allowed their children to have a glass of wine with meals. Therefore, these associations of alcohol create a lesser need to children to drink alcohol.


Therefore, we can conclude that if the drinking age is lowered from 21 to 18 then it would not eliminate the problems of teen alcoholism or drunk driving but this step would align the law with the age of legal adulthood in the United States. Drinking can be less attractive to young adults if it would be legalized at the age of 18. Although it be very difficult to change this law in the near future but we must reconsider this law as Americans because our homeland is based on the principle of liberty and justice for all. Furthermore, we can say that if an 18 year old individual possess the right to enjoy all the luxuries of life that is he/she can marry, he/she can join the military then drinking beer or having alcohol at this age cannot be treated as an illegal activity. At the age of 18 you are old enough to make your own decisions so that is the reason why eighteen year old individuals should be legally allowed to drink and buy alcohol. Allowing them would reduce the dangers of binge drinking and the element of breaking the law. This law gives an impression that as soon as you turn twenty one then you can handle a bottle of alcohol and would respond in a proper manner.

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